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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Titanium Used For Dental implants and Toothbrushes

Dental implants are artificial prosthesis that are permanent fixtures of titanium posts anchored to the jawbone and topped with an individual replacement tooth or a bridge that is either screwed or cemented on to the posts. A dental implant is considered to be very durable and can last many years. They require the same kind of maintenance that your normal teeth do, that is, regular brushing, flossing and check ups. Dental implants help in restoring your natural smile and looks.

Titanium in Medicine: Material Science, Surface Science, Engineering, Biological Responses and Medical Applications (Engineering Materials)The removable partial and complete dentures have the disadvantage that they are generally not very accurate in their fit and may become loose soon with the wear and tear of the material. Especially the lower denture, which may get dislodged every time you attempt to chew on to something, which can be very disconcerting. For this reason a dental implant can be a better choice.

Nearly each and every person who can have a routine dental care can use dental implants successfully. However, all prospective patients are screened carefully by the specialists for suitability to implant treatment.

Before a treatment the proper analysis of x-rays, photographs, and plaster moulds of the teeth are done to see if implantation can be implemented or not.

Only after all the factors have been considered thoroughly a treatment procedure is initiated. The first step would involve a surgical procedure wherein the titanium posts are placed into the bone cavity prepared for it. This post is then left inside and the bone is allowed to remodel around it forming a natural bond same as it is with a natural tooth and bone. This may take approximately six months.

Like New: Dental ImplantsThe second step is undertaken once the titanium post is fully anchored to the bone. Another surgical procedure is done using connecting material to attach the replacement tooth to the titanium implant.

The final step would be cementing the custom made individual tooth or bridge onto the connecting material.

The cost of the titanium implant could be $1000 to $25000 depending on the brand and where you get your treatment done. Dental insurance may cover some of the cost.

Titanium Toothbrushes Revolutionize Oral Hygiene

Ionic ToothbrushSoladey company has come up with a new revolutionary toothbrush that is a "no toothpaste" brush. It is made of a core of Titanium dioxide that generates a plaque removing electrochemical reaction.

This Toothbrush is unique in that it does not require any use of the toothpaste and the titanium dioxide rod distinguishes this ionic toothbrush that is marketed by Soladey company from an ordinary one. The titanium dioxide gets activated when exposed to light and water which then releases electrons that help in disintegrating the plaque formed on the tooth surface.

You can get more information about how to use the brush effectively and about the company Soladey and their products at this website :

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